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Is IP linked to a Server? Does IP have a website/domain hosted on it, and assigned as Dedicated Server, Shared Server, VPS Server? See below:

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There are 0 domains / websites hosted on IP This means IP doesn't have a domain/website allocated to it, and therefore IP is not linked to a server.

We currently don't have any server-related information on There can be a variety of causes, such as:
a) There's no domain/website linked to IP;
b) IP is a residential (home) IP address;
c) IP could be a private IP address;
d) IP could be a corporate IP address;
e) Proxy? IP could be a proxy;
or others IP Geolocation Information:
Country: INDIA
Latitude: 17.391
Longitude: 78.4712

Google Map of IP address location: mapped

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  What's a Dedicated Server? A dedicated server is a type of web hosting where the client leases an entire server, thus taking full advantage of its resources. There are two types of dedicated servers: managed dedicated servers and unmanaged dedicated servers. A managed server means the webhosting company performs all maintenance, installs, security and updates on the Linux or Windows machine, whereas the unmanaged server usually means the hosting company will not perform any maintenance or security. Take Google for example: all their servers are owned fully managed by their staff, and they obviously don't have any server shared with third parties.


  What's a Shared Server? As opposed to a dedicated server, a shared server usually has many websites hosted on it. Each of these sites has a separate account/partition on the server itself, but the web server's resources are divided and used by all the sited hosted on it. Hence the reduced price, but also the disadvantages of a shared server.


  What's a VPS Server? A VPS is a Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine basically running on the same unit as other clients' virtual machines and is configured to run as an "independent" server, having it's own OS (operating system) and is independently rebootable.


  What's ServerTrackR.com? ServerTrackR uses several technologies to provide free information on web servers & web hosting details. We will tell you, for instance, the IP address and the geographical location of the server, if it's a shared server or a dedicated server, the server/IP neighbours and more